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Hunting for White Elk


At the White Elk Ranch

All of our animals are managed for maximum body size and horn growth.  Only the best males with superior genetic traits are used for breeding.  The males that don’t make the cut are place into our hunting program.  Males and females with any undesirable traits are removed from the breeding program.  Genetic lines are carefully monitored and new blood lines are added each year. From time to time we will offer surplus males and female for sale.     



Big Horn Sheep Baby

Live Sales

We are taking deposits for Transcaspain Urials, European Bison, Nubian Ibex, Persian Ibex, Red Sheep and Bighorn Hybrids babies.

We have the following animals for sale

  • European Bison

    • We raise the only herd of European Bison in the United States. There are less than 3000 of these animals in the entire world. There were only a handful after World War 2 when the recovery program began.

  • White Buffalo

  • Three types of Ibex

    • Persian

    • Nubian (We raise the largest Nubian Ibex in the World. Some of our breeders are over 50" long).

    • Alpine

  • Transcaspian Urials

  • Bighorn Sheep

  • Red Sheep

  • Armenian Mouflons

  • Markhor

  • Mountain Goats

  • Afghan Urial

European Bison


White Elk


Nubian Ibex


We raise the largest Ibex in the World


Mt. Goats


Baby Bighorn Sheep




Red Sheep


Alpine Ibex


Transcaspian Urial




Stumberg Sheep


East Caucasian Tur


Stone Sheep


Alpine Ibex


Armenian Mouflons


Young Stumberg Rams


A group of baby Stumberg sheep. They are
 the hardiest wild sheep we have ever raised.


We raise the biggest and purest Transcaspian
 Urials in the country.  This 44" Ram is one
of our breeders. Our Urial rams have all
white neck manes and no saddle patches
like most Urial in Texas.


18 month old Transcaspian Urial with
all white neck mane.
This is what you want to breed for.